Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scanning Documents is Only Half the Battle

So you’ve been persuaded to go paperless.

Maybe your office is joining the green movement or taking part in the digital revolution. Whatever your reasoning, you now feel comfortable knowing that all your company documents have been scanned into a digital format.

But did you know that scanning is only half the process?

If your scanned files are gathering dust on a server somewhere, waiting there in case of an emergency, then your digital data is only being used to a fraction of its potential.

Through a well-executed document management system, information retrieval is a breeze. Your document library can also be optimized for comprehensive indexing, allowing for quick keyword searches as well as complex queries.

Use this indexed information to create custom reports and graphs from your digital data. You may even allow clients to access certain documents via password, eliminating the go-between.

For larger more text driven documents such as legal agreements, correspondence or medical studies, your documents can be run through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. This enables searching by any word, phrase or even word proximity searches across your entire library of documents. Once inside the document, the exact instances can be located and accessed with hyperlinks to quickly navigate to the exact verbiage that needs reviewing.

These features are tailored to fit seamlessly into your business environment, and the entire PaperHost system can be customized to closely match your company’s specific business practices.

Employees easily find the information they need; work gets completed faster, and your whole workflow system becomes streamlined for greater efficiency.

More and more offices are going paperless for a reason—because that digital database provides a valuable resource, which if strategically applied, can enhance business processes on a daily basis.

So if you’ve already made the leap into digital, don’t just let those files sit. PaperHost can help you put them to use for your business! And if your organization hasn’t been through the scanning process, PaperHost can get you started.

Learn more about how PaperHost can manage the entire lifecycle of your digital assets at or contact us direct at 800-882-3573.