Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sometimes it’s hard to make progress on corporate initiatives during the summer months. But one that you can knock out is finally getting important business documents scanned and protected.

If you are still looking at rows of file cabinets, you know there is a better way. PaperHost can help you perform triage on those folders by getting rid of paper that does not need to be retained. We can then help you digitize the rest, turning a file room into a retrieval station with backups of everything in the vault.

You know you should have done this ages ago, but the cost to scan and index may be holding you back. Sorry, that excuse just went away. PaperHost is putting experienced operators to work and lowering the rates for summer projects that launch during June when we have a larger labor pool.

We are offering 3.5 cents per page for all scanner-ready documents* with the opportunity to finance jobs for more than 12 months with no interest.

Of course, we’d like to host your documents and offer other data capture and workflow services to you. But the first priority is to help your company get closer to the promise of a paperless office.

Hurry! Call 1-800-882-3573 if you’d like to take advantage of this short-term offer.

* - Minimum 10,000 pages and upon credit approval