Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Snow Days for Companies Utilizing PaperHost!

This winter has been a wild one! A couple weeks ago, the entire Southeast was practically snowed in. No work or school, roads closed, icicles hanging from the eaves. After paralyzing the Southeast, the snowstorm moved up the Eastern seaboard through New England, where productivity was impeded as well.

Most people filled their days with movies, Internet, video games and food instead of day-to-day business affairs. However, PaperHost and the companies utilizing our service were able to continue working through the snow. Our clients could convert their homes into a work environment. With our web-based service, we allow companies to remain focused on their own core competencies instead of building complex, capital intensive in-house alternatives. Our clients understand the benefits of outsourcing their document management and document hosting requirements to a company that is driven to deliver a fast, reliable and secure online platform for the management of their most valuable business documents.

With document hosting, your company’s files can be easily and securely accessed online — no matter where you are. As documents, originally electronic or scanned images, are uploaded to your document repository, they become available within seconds to the authorized users that you create and manage. No-doubt PaperHost helped many people not miss a day of work!

Next time wintery weather comes knocking, be prepared with on-demand service delivered quickly by PaperHost!

Join our growing family of companies that now enjoy the savings and the flexibility of web-based document management and document hosting while preserving precious capital needed to grow your business!