Friday, August 20, 2010

Go Green and Eliminate Paper Cluter

How much paper does your office go through on a daily basis?

If you’re like most companies, documents are printed and passed from office to office and then eventually tossed or filed away somewhere.

But with today’s technology, more and more businesses are finding ways to reduce paper usage. So not only are you saving trees in the process, you don’t have to order paper supplies as frequently.

Think about it: For most documents, it’s probably not necessary for them ever to be in paper form.

With a PaperHost solution, you can stop the print-scan-throw away cycle. We offer services that will streamline your company’s document management system – and simultaneously reduce your paper dependence.

Give us a call at 800-882-3573 to find out how your office can “Go Green” today!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say goodbye to file cabinets!

You’ve just sent out a bunch of forms such as contracts or agreements. They get filled out and returned, but what do you do when they are received?

That’s what file cabinets are for, of course! But wait, most businesses have limited space for files so they’re thrown out after so much time. And say you want to actually do something with information in those forms – someone has to manually type it up into a spreadsheet or another application.

No more! Our data capture service will take your received forms and create a database by lifting list-based or repeating data elements from documents. This process saves you time, money and eliminates potential human error.

We even make document submission easy for you. We’ll create a toll-free or local fax number and set up an email address so we can receive both electronic and paper forms.

The technological wow-factor doesn’t end there.

We can send confirmation to the location responsible for that form, letting them know it was received and processed – we can even send them a link to view the submitted document. No more worrying if anything got lost in electronic limbo.

And because these documents are stored through our secure website, there’s no reason for frantic searches of the file room for a specific file. Say an attorney needs to reference a particular contract; you can seamlessly give them access to that file.

We can even easily integrate with your existing applications to “Image Enable” them using our API White Paper. There is no expensive programming or customization required.

Rummaging through stacks of files is a thing of the past. Let us help your business step into the future.

Sound like a pleasant, paper-free solution for your business? Learn more at or give us a call at 800-882-3573 to get started.