Friday, November 27, 2009

Let us drive the limo, while you focus on your business

You’ve been there—endlessly inputting data into spreadsheets thinking, ‘Isn’t there a machine that can do this for me?’

Why yes, there is.

And not only can the machine do it for you; it can make the process better than it was before. More efficient, more accurate. It’s called Automated Data Capture (ADC), and it has revolutionized how organizations work across all industries.

PaperHost’s phADC data capture solution automates the processing of printed documents and forms with enhanced capabilities that lift out relevant information and data elements on similar or dissimilar document formats.

This process can be applied to a wide rang of document types, such as forms, contracts, invoices, insurance documents, banking documents and many other documents with list-based or repeating data elements.

We’re certain your business, like any other business, has more than a few of these documents that continue to stack up, and we’re quite certain that your staff dreads the task of keying in all that information. Wouldn’t you?

Not only does the ADC process save you hours of manual keying, it maintains the integrity of the data, which might otherwise decline as you trudge through your 38th invoice of the day.

It’s one of the most labor intensive, time consuming and expensive processes at your office. If it has to be done, why not hand it off to a company who can ensure it’s completed efficiently, accurately and cost effectively, allowing you and your employees to work on other important tasks?

Think of it like this: if you travel to and from the airport occasionally for business trips, you can bum a ride from friend or coworker. However, if you’re making multiple trips a day, it makes since to hire a professional service to increase productivity and reduce liability with a professional driver.

It’s the same with data processing. If you occasionally have to key in a little information, you can do it yourself. But eventually, the volume of documents becomes so burdensome that it’s inefficient and costly to key manually. That’s when it’s time to call in a professional.

Let us drive the limo, while you focus on your business. We can get you where you need to go in style, while saving you frustration and money at the same time!

PaperHost will send all the data back to you in customized data files to post or update existing internal applications that you depend on to run your business.

Other supplemental services include automatic conversion to PDF, extended text search capabilities and a robust Web based document management system that requires no capital investment. It’s Software as a Service (SaaS).

Give your employees a holiday and your bottom line a bonus this year by eliminating those never ending piles of documents and all the hours of manual data entry that come with them.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

When Something Happens to Documents

Welcome to the PaperHost blog. It is always exciting for us when we can communicate with our clients and perspective clients. We hope you will use this blog to learn more about PaperHost, web based document management, but more importantly we hope you will take the opportunity to join in the conversation with us. No matter your business size, shape, or purpose, we all agree that document management is crucial to a thriving enterprise.

How many of us have knocked over a coffee cup on a freshly printed document? Dropped a folder in a wet parking lot? Left a notebook on the roof of the car? Accidents happen to documents all the time.

Most of us make back up copies of important documents like tax returns, articles of incorporation, contracts, etc. But, how easy is it to get to them when you need them? Do you keep those documents in the same building as the originals, maybe in the same file!? Maybe you store hundreds of boxes of documents in an off site warehouse. In any case accessing those documents can be difficult and protecting them costly.

Here in Atlanta businesses had a wake up call in late September when it started to rain. And rain it did.

It rained so much in Austell, GA and Lawrenceville, GA (both are suburbs of Atlanta, GA twenty to thirty miles in either direction from the PaperHost offices in Roswell, GA) that thousands of homes and businesses were literally under-water. It was, and for many still is, a heartbreaking experience.

We could hardly believe our eyes as we watched the news. On television each night, in addition to the homes and families displaced, we saw reams and reams of documents being thrown away as the news cameras panned the local business owners cleaning out their flooded office space. The sad fact is that many businesses will never recover from having their important documents destroyed in the flood waters.

Whether you are a risk officer at a Fortune 500 company or a partner in a local accounting firm you use paper, lots of paper. With internal record retention policies, tax guidelines, and other external retention requirements; the sheer amount of paper can be overwhelming. The filing and indexing of hard copies is cumbersome, and the storage and retrieval process is time consuming and expensive.

PaperHost provides industry leading document storage, data capture services, document scanning services, and web based document management. If you have access to the internet you have access to all of your documents, all the time.

We cannot promise that there will never be another flood, fire, or earthquake, but we can promise that PaperHost’s suite of document management tools will allow you to access your documents in the midst of the fiercest of storms.

How would instant access to your businesses documents be helpful to you? Have you ever needed access to certain documents and missed opportunities because of the delay in retrieval?

Learn more about web based document management at or contact us direct at 800-882-3573.