Thursday, March 3, 2011

Document Indexing: Adding new dimensions to document management

Document management has indeed come a long way. It’s pretty rare that you see rolodexes, segmented folders and such archaic document management solutions these days. Organizations that have traditionally used these outdated systems for document storage and retrieval have found it to be extremely difficult and unorganized. Organizations that are still using these systems are far behind in the world of technology.

By using our document indexing solution, you will be able to solve many of the storage and retrieval problems inherent in outdated filing systems while simultaneously reducing business costs. We offer the NEWEST technology in scanning and indexing using document preparation and coding, online indexing, and automated data lifting. When the work is done, completed batches are released directly to PaperHost. Within minutes, you can access your documents online, worldwide. Unlike a paper filing cabinet, it’s easy to search for specific information. You are able to search any index field and print the specific report you need. All of this is delivered for a single license per work station with no per click fees.

PaperHost stands ready to shepherd your company through the process of upgrading to this highly beneficial system. Outsourcing will provide the absolute highest quality document scanning and indexing services to be found anywhere and you will receive this high level of accuracy at competitive market rates.

When you start to fully realize the power and flexibility of a digital online document library, we can take you even farther. PaperHost can help you design and implement all manner of data capture, barcode indexing, document workflow and so much more.

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