Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Employee Giving Initiative Program

PaperHost believes, as a part of our corporate vision, that we have a duty and a responsibility to give back a portion of our earnings to the community in which we live and work. So we have launched the PaperHost Cares Program, which will eventually become a foundation for the purpose of focusing our collective philanthropy toward worthy organizations that help PaperHost fulfill our vision!

You Can Participate Too…

If your company has a strong desire to give back to the community like PaperHost does, we welcome you to join us. The program is easy to implement and administer.

Here are the basics…Employees can give a dollar amount through payroll deductions to their favorite cause or organization (established by the company) and the company will then match the gift up to a certain level annually.

At PaperHost, we included STAR House and Ministry Ventures as our beneficiaries. STAR House supports at-risk children in North Fulton by providing after-school tutoring, school supplies, leadership activities, and recreational programs. Our other beneficiary, Ministry Ventures, equips ministries for Christ by training and coaching ministry leaders.

Our employees like knowing they work for a company that has a heart. And the match lets them know that we are a team. A few dollars each pay period adds up to a significant annual donation to these worthy causes.

To find out more about The Employee Giving Initiative Program, give us a call at 800.882.3573.

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